Bridal Makeup Tips

Every Lady wants to look beautiful on their wedding day - radiant and glowing in person and stunning in photos. Makeup should look flattering but natural. It is essential for you to look like you and your photos look timeless for years to come.

The key to long lasting makeup is to spend time on preparing your skin beforehand and then creating a flawless base that doesn't look fake or heavy. The rest of your makeup (Eyeshadows, blusher and lipstick) should be subtle, yet reveal and enhance everything that is most beautiful about your face (unless you are going for a more dramatic look).

I usually recommend you have your hair and makeup trial 6 - 8 weeks in advance, this way we can plan your look to ensure your hair and makeup compliment each other and your dress.

If you have gone for a natural timeless look in the day. A good way to transform it in the evening is to use a khol liner across your top lash line and under your bottom lashes too (smudged) with another coat of mascara to add to slightly Smokey effect - (Gunmetal Grey is a good alternative to black). Then brush a touch of shimmery or glittery powder over your eyelids to catch the light. Then finally a little more highlighting powder on your cheekbones and brow bones. There you have it - Party ready for the evening :)

Steph xx